Tom Ryan FWCF

Tom Ryan FWCF

Tom lives in Bedfordshire, UK, with his wife has two adult sons and three grandchildren.

Now retired, Tom comes from a long line of farriers and blacksmiths, his father, grandfather and great grandfather were all farriers and blacksmiths in the West of Ireland.

He started working for his father in 1967. During this time Tom attended Hereford School of Farriery for several months each year. Instructor Wally Inwood would come and visit Tom at his father's forge in Clophill, Bedfordshire. During this period he attained the RSS qualification (Registered Shoeing Smith with the Worshipful Company of Farriers), now replaced by the Dip WCF.

In 1971 Tom started his own farriery practice which he ran until 2021, during this 50 year period he gained the AFCL (Associate of the Worshipful Company of Farriers), now called AWCF. Presently, Tom now holds FWCF qualification (Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers).

Tom's interest in laminitis developed through daily contact with equines with this condition and puzzling over all the differing and conflicting points of view expressed by all those around him. The results of his research into hoof growth led to him formulating the Dorsal Wall Lifting Theory for equine laminitis in 1998 and a vertical grooving procedure which is still helping many laminitic horses today.

Tom has served on the Farriery Craft & Executive Committees of the British Farriers and Blacksimiths Assocition (BFBA).

Tom’s hobbies include photography, computing and flight simulation, he is combining these interests in the building & flying of a home flight simulator cockpit.


Telephone: +44 (0) 1234 70 88 45

Articles Published

PublicationDateArticle 15 June 2018

Review of data on hoof growth in normal and laminitic equines suggests a new etiology for acute laminitis


Forge December, 2015, Vol 2 No 5, Page 4,

Quarter crack, a case history.

( Overall Winner of the Stromsholm Educational Award 2017 )

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