SCORE is a computer program for the organisation & production of farriery competition results and is therefore not part of the laminitis project shown on the rest of these pages.

The program is used at the BFBA International Farriery Competitions held at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, UK and other competitions inside the UK and abroad.

Results can be printed or produced as HTML. See below for the latest competition results

Programmed by Tom Ryan, the latest version of SCORE is available now and is a must if you are running a farriery competition.

To Download:

Use the following buttons to download the complete program. (Purchase of Activation Key needed to Save Files).

  • Click on SCORE installer.
  • Open zip file with Windows Explorer.
  • Copy the file to My Documents.
  • Run file as Administrator.
  • Follow the installation instructions.
  • You will need an Activation code to save files.
  • If you already have SCORE you can update to the most recent version free of charge!

    SCORE installer (.zip) User Manual (.pdf). You can read the User Manual to see what SCORE offers.

    Note: Your systems virus protection may warn you that Score could harm your computer - don't worry it's perfectly save to use!


    To unlock your version of Score, purchase a key. contact Tom Ryan FWCF.

    See Competition Results produced by SCORE

    Updated: 17/09/2018