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A new and powerful concept for equine laminitis

Visible hoof capsule distortion seen months after an episode of laminitis has previouly been ignored by scientific research as just a consequence of laminitis, but this may not be the case. This lack of seeing the bigger picture has hampered our progress in understanding laminitis. There is another way that the laminae can be damaged and that's when the hoof capsule grows abnormally. We already know that laminitic hooves distort, but research is still needed to establish why and when distortion commences.

...hoof distortion is not the result of laminitis, it's the cause. Tom Ryan FWCF

Dorsal Wall Lifting Theory proposes that abnormal hoof growth induces hoof capsule distortion in the developmental phase which ultimately induces pain in the laminal bond, signalling the start of the acute phase. The severity of a particular laminitis case will depend on the shape and strength of the hoof capsule, the stronger the hoof the more severe the case. (Click here for a quick overview of this theory)

The idea that the dermal laminae are being destroyed by hoof capsule distortion has never been considered before. The factors known to cause laminitis may be altering the way hoof is grown and not directly insulting the dermal laminae.

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Updated: 04/04/2016